BITCH BROS | Official ☢

Bitch Brothers and Sisters, Welcome!

Hello again, dear Techno music lovers from all around the world! This is the home page of BITCH BROS duo and our most loved Underground Techno djs and music record labels! As you can see now, we have done enormous updates to our websites since their launch, to improve and make your musical experience better in our websites! :D

Please check our Released EPs, Albums & Compilations with FULL AUDIO PREVIEWS, thanks to Beatport! We are proud to have and support a big list of artists in our labels and you can expect more schedulled and already confirmed great music coming up here! Our Record Labels focus on Underground EDM styles, each one of them with another focused area also, but we already released and we are open to the entire EDM styles spectrum available, from Chill-Out to Drum & Bass, as long as it is good!

If you are an active artist and want to expose your work, want to release with us and would like more information about our label policies, send your promos for evaluation for feedback, get quotations for our artist rooster bookings or any other kind of question, do not hesitate to Contact Us, Please! We are available for worldwide bookings! More information posted constantly on our social networks! Bookmark us and stay tunned!

We are sure that we will lock your attention and ears!